CreateServiceNodeFromExistingNode Changes

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CreateServiceNodeFromExistingNode Changes

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I have a method that tries one way to search the catalog, then if that fails, it tries another approach.

Since the page works based of the service named "Search", both approaches use the service name "Search".

I tried to use the service CreateServiceNodeFromExistingNode to store the failure from the first so it can be seen in the logs:
but I got an exception:
So it seems like its only used for creating output from the successful output of a service.

In my example, the Search service exception has 2 results:
So I would want it to store both of them

Feature Suggestion:
Could CreateServiceNodeFromExistingNode be changed to also accept:

WorkData/ServiceName - to become an entire duplicate of the target service
WorkData/ServiceName/Exception - to copy all Results of the service exception
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