LoadFromFile outputs as a string

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LoadFromFile outputs as a string

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In documenting LoadFromFile, we saw it returns a string. It would need to be used in combination with LoadFromString, which takes a string and outputs XML, for it to be considered XML by EASYProcess.

I looked in how this worked in EP 4.8 and I think it just returned XML that was already recognized by EASYProcess. This happened because the EP 5.1 change for XML processing. Its a similar case for the BSFN services where we know the response is going to be XML, so instead of forcing the use of that service right after, we could change it so it returns XML.

A counter argument for this is that the loadfromfile would take even invalid xml files and turn them into a string. So if it were invalid xml that easyprocess does not like, we can still get it from file to the workdata to parse.

But my initial reply to that is: why even have this service in the xml workshop? If all it does is read a file and output as a string for use in the workdata, then this could be a text file or a CSV which also require some manual parsing.

I'd like this to get a task to discuss this, cause i'm not sure which way it really should be
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