Welcome to the K-Rise Systems Forum

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Welcome to the K-Rise Systems Forum

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Hello and welcome to the K-Rise Systems forum!! We want you to bookmark this site and use it as the place to go to get the most up-to-date information on K-Rise. The forum in its current state is divided into 4 distinct areas. I will explain a little more about each area.

Questions and Answers: This is the location to get your “how-to” questions answered on the K-Rise Platform. Want to try something but don’t know how to start? First, search on topics to see if anyone else tried. Can’t find it? Add a new topic and ask. Anyone can answer your questions. You need to be a registered user on the forum to post items. So, register now and get started!!

Product Announcements: Anything new will be labeled here. New Features, functions, etc. There are weeks where 50 new features are added to K-Rise!! We want you to know about them.

Tips and Techniques: A Section for the R&D team to show you neat new ways to leverage the platform. You’ll want to frequent this place, it will have some great ways to help you be more productive.

Suggestions for Product Enhancements: Do you have an idea? Share it!!! 85% of our new enhancements come from you!!! Here is a place now where your input can drive the direction of the company. We want to hear from you!

We hope you get a ton of value out of this new tool. Look forward to interacting with you soon!!

The K-Rise Team
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