AddNode Service - Can it be allowed to add value

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AddNode Service - Can it be allowed to add value

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The AddNode service was intended to work in EP 4.8 for manually manipulating an XML file for use with Solr. Now, we probably wouldnt want to use this service for Solr since we use it infrequently.

Solr xml files looked like this:
Now that we are documenting this service, it seems like a major drawback that the xml nodes we can write to the file are not able to add a value to the xml nodes they add.

See the EPDocs documentation on this service:
image.png ... es-AddNode

There does exist a service AddNodeValue which can do this, but it make the process more complex to first add the node, then add the value with a separate service. ... dNodeValue

Should the service accept a "Value" parameter?
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