Controller Parameter Changes Revision

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Controller Parameter Changes Revision

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As of DesignTime Revision 2541 and RunTime Revision 1170 controller parameters have received significant reworkings to allow for ease of use.
  • Controller parameters now have default values, and they can be set to disallow overriding the values.
On the parameters section of the Assistant tab, the events icon is visible and allows the users to set up the default values used for control events and will be automatically filled in when creating a new control event. There is also a checkbox for each parameter to allow or disallow overriding the default values.
DefaultOverride Parameters Window.png
  • CheckBoxList control values are now easier to pass through Controller Parameters.
On the parameters section of the Assistant tab, there are now two icons visible on each applicable parameter. One for setting the parameter to an array and another for setting it to a CheckBoxList. This gives the user the ease to setup the CheckBoxList inside and outside of a list and to have all the checkboxes passed through along with any desired attributes.
Controller Parameters.png
Controller Parameters.png (18.3 KiB) Viewed 527 times
Controller Parameters.png
Controller Parameters.png (18.3 KiB) Viewed 527 times
  • The auto generated controllers built using the List/Grid wizard has been updated and consolidated into a single controller using the Switch service.
Newly created list and grids via the List/Grid Wizard will now utilize the updated Switch service to optimize and organize the controller for the list. All list actions are sorted by a Switch service called UserAction instead of individualized controllers.
List Wizard Controller.png
  • Several miscellaneous changes have also been made.
    • The InsertAndUpdateNode service now allows for dynamic values to be passed into the name node.
    • Services that used ProjectedResponse like CreateServiceNodeFromXml have now been cleaned up in the Assistant tab's service output.
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