EASYCloud Connect : VPN Less WAN Cloud Connector - Architecture

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EASYCloud Connect : VPN Less WAN Cloud Connector - Architecture

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EASYCloud-Connect (ECC)
A VPN-Less Cloud Connector
What is it?
EASYCloud-Connect is a module of EASYProcess.
It is installed on-prem and provides connectivity to EASYProcess cloud applications from your enterprise network, mainly JD Edwards over the internet as WAN.
It requires no VPN.
It has a small static footprint and low CPU usage.
Runs as a Windows Service.
Connections are outbound only from your enterprise network. Outbound connections are made on HTTP/SSL ports 80/443. There is no inbound connection and no need to open any inbound port.

EASYCloud-Connect uses WebSocket to establish connection between your enterprise network and EASYProcess cloud applications. WebSocket connection is initiated by an on-prem .Net component. WebSocket then provides a full duplex connection between cloud and on-prem applications, mainly JD Edwards. WebSocket is a W3C standard: https://www.w3.org/TR/websockets/.

TLS 1.2.
WebSocket connections are open over an SSL port.
It is outbound only, meaning no port needs to be opened in your firewall. It is equivalent to you browsing a website from inside your network.
IP Whitelist: EASYProcess Application will only accept incoming connections from whitelisted IP addresses. The server ECC is running on must have a public static IP - this can be achieved through a gateway as well.

System Requirements
You can easily use an existing server with the following specs. EASYCloud-Connect has a small footprint and is not CPU intensive.

Windows server 2008+ (64 bit)
4 GB Ram
Dual core CPU
Must have network access to:
Any databases which ECC is intended to interface with
Any JDE instance which ECC is intended to interface with
Must have internet access to connect on ports 80 and 443
.Net Runtime 4.7.2
https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download/d ... ork/net472
If going to be running JDE BSFN
64-bit Java Runtime Environment Version 8 (or higher)

Installation, Configuration & Testing
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