Add Service ID to Logs

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Add Service ID to Logs

Unread post by JefferyD »

When parsing large logs, I found some details that are difficult to determine.
  1. When services are brought up from a method call, it complicates duration calculations. The start/end times and durations from those services mix with the services native to the parent method making that information more difficult to parse through.
  2. Those same services seem to have an indication of where they're from in the "Log" node, but they can be difficult to notice when looking through the XML as they end up at the bottom of the XML of the node in question. Additionally, there are instances where the "Source" node exists without the "Method" node which makes it less clear what each one means (Examples in purple).
  3. When multiple services share the same name, it's impossible to programmatically determine which service a log node is. This is particularly noticeable when viewing loop logs and trying to determine how many times a specific service was called.
Add method ID as an attribute to the "WorkData" node as well as method ID, service ID, and service type attributes to the root node from a service (exmaple in green).
  • The method ID would make it much easier to see where a service is from at a glance and would also allow things like using XSLT to parse only the services native to the current method.
  • The service ID would make it possible to determine which exact service it is and if the same service was called multiple times.
  • The service type would make it easier to do things like comparing different ways to accomplish the same result or seeing what kind of service is having the largest impact on performance.
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Re: Add Service ID to Logs

Unread post by JustinVanRegenmorter »

Task 11468 has been created to discuss this potential feature.
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